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Use Promotional Water Bottles & Mugs

There are plenty of reasons why people need to drink fluid all throughout the day. For starters, our body is made up of 60 percent water which is utilised for a number of functions such as digestion and temperature regulation. As such you need to listen to your body and when you are thirsty branded drinkware is a great promotional product idea to drive your advertising message.

Now, there are quite a number of different bottles and mugs to choose from. To help you make the right choice, we have come up with our own list of top promo ideas based on their popularity.


Branded Water Bottles – these water containers can be made from an assortment of materials including plasticaluminium and glass. They are designed for portability and usually used by those with active lifestyles. They can make excellent giveaways during sports events or other outdoor activities.

Promo Thermal Mugs – Australians love their coffee and with these promotional thermal mugs printed with your logo they get to enjoy it anytime and anywhere. You get to enjoy more brand visibility each time they reach for their drink.

Printed Stubby Coolers – nothing quenches a thirst faster than a cold drink which is why customers are bound to love printed stubby coolers. They not only showcase your brand but they also ensure beverages are kept refreshing and cool.

Check out our other printed mugs and bottles and enjoy the most competitive prices in the market! Please feel free to contact our sales team anytime for any questions regarding our products.

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